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Rishikesh24 km. upstream from Haridwar, at the confluence of the Chandrabhaga and Ganga lies Rishikesh, one of the best located pilgrimage centres along the right bank of the Ganga. According to legend sage Raibhya undertook staunch penance here and as a reward God appeared before him as Rishikesh, hence the name. Rishikesh has numerous ashrams, some of which are internationally recognized as centres of philosophical studies, yoga and meditation. International Yoga Week is organized every year from 2nd to 7th Feb. at Rishikesh. Among places of Interest are - Triveni Ghar, Lakshman Jhoola, Shivanand Jhoola, Raghunath temple, Pushkar temple.

For the adventurous visitors, Rishikesh is the place for starting their trekking expeditions and excursions towards the Himalayan peaks. Going 10 km. upstream, Shivpuri is the site for river running, rafting activities, on the roaring white waters of Ganga from October to May.