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GangtokPerched atop a ridge at a height of 1520 mts. lies Gangtok, a tantalizing town touched by a panorama of colours. Gangtok the capital of Sikkim, is today a busy town bustling with hectic activity. Its captivating architectural beauty radiates with pagoda-like wooden houses, painted turquoise roofs and gay bazaars. Undoubtedly modern times have wound their way into this picturesque town, but the gently swaying and elegant costumes of the Sikkimese people, their smiling faces, the unhurried pace of their life-style and the towering beauty of Kanchenjunga, all cast a magic spell on this delightful location in the foothills of the grand Himalayas. Gangtok serves as a perfect base for exploring Sikkim. Endowed with a wealth of exquisite beauty and magical mystery, with a host of walkways and delightful sights which make it all the more irresistible. Places to visit include - Research Institute of Tibetology, Orchid Sanctuary, The Directorate of Handicrafts and Handloom, Deer Park, Tashi View Point and the Rumtek Centre.