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Home Science (Theory) 2010 Question Paper For CBSE Class XII Exams

  1. What could be two possible reasons for PFA to fine a shopkeeper selling Khoya Burfi (sweet - meat)? (1 Marks)
  2. Gagan has diarrhea for two weeks and has been advised to have liquid diet. Suggest any two suitable dishes for him.(1 Marks)
  3. The weight of a newborn child is 2 kg. Predict weight at the age of five months and two years.(1 Marks)
  4. Present two indicators to judge that two - year - old Aman has language abilities similar to normal children.(1 Marks)
  5. Mention two important ingredients for making a soap.(1 Marks)
  6. Sudha is designing a salwar suit for a woman who has fat arms. How will you make sure that she has shifted emphasis away from the arms and created harmony in the dress?(2 Marks)
  7. Mrs. Verma is satisfied with the drape of her new kurta. State four points about drape which have contributed to her satisfaction. (2 Marks)
  8. You are using a chemical to remove stains from your dress. What four important precautions would you keep in mind while using it on the fabric (2 Marks)
  9. In what four ways can you can you use the skills learnt in Home Science in your daily life? (2 Marks)
  10. State four precautions to be adopted while storing woolen coats for a long time. (2 Marks)
  11. Give two possible reasons for a nine-month -old child to feel afraid. In what two ways may he express this emotion?
  12. Mrs. Lal is not satisfied with the safety measures of her child's crèche. State four important points she should tell the owner of the crèche to attend to so as to improve its safety.(2 Marks)
  13. One of the main objectives of ICDS is to improve health and nutrition status of children. Report four activities of ICDS which helps to fulfill this objective. (2 Marks)
  14. "Meal planning of a family is influenced by its resources". Support this statement with the help of four different examples. (2 Marks)
  15. Name any two diseases caused by drinking polluted water. Give two precautions each you would adopt while using alum and chlorine tablets to make this water potable. (3 Marks)
  16. List one adulterant each commonly found in mustard seeds and sunflower oil. Mention two health hazards of each adulterant. (3 Marks)
  17. Suggest six important behaviours you would insist in your cook to ensure your kitchen to be insect-free. (3 Marks)
  18. Write three reasons for supplementing your family income and three different ways o increasing your psychic income. (3 Marks)
  19. What are the six drawbacks of not maintaining a record of household expenses? (3 Marks)
  20. List four reasons due to which consumers face the problem lack of information. Mention their two rights in this context. (3 Marks)
  21. Your brother is going to play hockey this summer. What six features would you look for in the fabric and in the design of clothes, while buying clothes for him? (3 Marks)
  22. Cheena is six months old and very much on time with her age level developments. Which two social, motor and cognitive abilities each will she be able to achieve in the next three months?(3 Marks)
  23. Sudha finds that her child is suffering from rash on the back of the ear and fever. Mention two more specific symptoms to her to be able to identify the disease. Name the disease and tell what Sudha should do now and why. (3 Marks)
  24. Rehman is hard of hearing and is studying in regular school. For performing well in school give him eight suggestions for asking help from teachers and his classmates.(4 Marks)
  25. Why do adolescent girls need high intake of calories, calcium, protein and iron in their diet? Give two reasons for each. (4 Marks)
  26. Outline the steps of laundering a silk saree.(4 Marks)
  27. Reena wants to file a case in a consumer court against a company. Guide her to file the complaint. Specify the time period for filing the complaint and for the case to be settled. (4 Marks)
  28. Differentiate between Public Provident Fund and Employees Provident Fund Schemes of investment .(4 Marks)
Home Science (Theory) 2010 Question Papers Class XII

CBSE 2010 Question Papers Class XII