Tuesday 24th May 2022
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CBSEGuess.com is the premier portal of Dreamzsop Advertising Pvt. Ltd has been the perfect platform for school students, educators, tutors, publishers, book sellers, institutes & coaching/tuition centers.

CBSEGuess.com is the first educational social network for the cbse students, teachers & other directly & indirectly linked with cbse. It helps to locate tutors all over India, your school friends, book sellers, educators and strengthens this bond by offering an easy means to keep in touch with each other through, personal messaging (PM), Photo gallery, Friend lists etc.

CBSEGuess.com is started in 2003 and is growing enormously by its inception not only in membership, but as a complete platform in web world as real.

CBSEGuess.com is wholly owned, developed, managed and sponsored by DREAMZSOP ADVERTISING PRIVATE LIMITED, a leading web solutions company in North India and based in New Delhi, India.

Our Contact Information:

Dreamzsop Advertising Private Limited
B-61, 2nd Floor, Sector - 2
Uttar Pradesh - 201 301 (INDIA)
e-mail: info[at]cbseguess.com 

Tel # +91.120.4222343

For Business Enquiry please contact Mithilesh @ +91.9810359349 or Email to mithilesh[at]dreamzsop.com 

CBSEGuess offers a safe, secure and permanent way to reconnect with long other CBSE Students, Tutors, Educators. A simple Personal Message Facility, Virtual e-mail facility with simple e-mail address just logging in and using the virtual email facility ensures that you will be contactable by educators, tutors directly. It’s all about just not CBSE Guess Papers but a platform where you will get friend, tutors, educators previous year’s questions, syllabus and Practice Question Banks time to time.