Valmiki Ramayana

Invasion of Lanka

Hanuman flew by aerial route and reached his friends Angad, Jambuwant, Sugreev and others who were eagerly waiting for his return. The news of Sita was received with jubilation. Immediately, they all started off to inform Ram and Laxman about their discovery so that future plans could be drawn to seek her release.

In Southern India at the base camp, Ram, Laxman, Hanuman, Sugreev, Jambuwant, Angad and others met to chalk out their plan of action to seek release of Sita, now that the whereabouts of Sita were known. It was sure that Ravan was adamant and would not release Sita without force. It was imperative to wage war against the mighty army of Ravan to achieve their goal.
But Ram and Laxman had no army of their own, hence Hanuman appealed to all monkey leaders to rally behind Ram in this noble war of righteousness. A huge army of monkeys and bears was thus formed and Angad was chosen its leader. Ram and Laxman had divine and supernatural powers. They could have easily defeated Ravan and his army, but the lord Ram wanted to unite various clans into one unified people.

The division of society into lower and higher caste and superior and inferior races was a taboo that Ram wanted to erase from the face of Bharat -ancient India. Therefore, he sought help of monkeys and bears (lower clans) in his mission.
All the well-wishers, full of enthusiasm, participated in the noble cause lead by Ram. The monkey brigade marched on towards Lanka. They once again reached the southern tip of India and faced the mighty sea ahead! It stood as a mighty obstacle in their march ahead.

Only Hanuman was able to cross it, but it was not possible for others to do the same. How could the whole army reach the shores of Lankan kingdom?

This almost impossible task forced Ram to end the problem, but no solution was in sight! Everyone became depressed and despondent. The enthusiasm of having found the whereabouts of Sita was lost in their inability to rescue her.

Bridge over The Sea

Hanuman was restless. Constantly thinking of Ram and Sita, his mind was immersed in the depths of contemplation. He was sure that solution to this problem must be available as Ram was with them. But what would be the solution! He did not yet know.
Can they all swim across the sea? No. Can they all fly over the sea? No. Engrossed in such deep thoughts and constantly taking the holy name of Ram, he threw a stone in the water in front of him. To his utter disbelief he saw that the stone was floating over the water!!!

He threw another stone and was puzzled that it sank down in the water, it did not float. He could not fathom the secret of this peculiarity: One stone staying afloat and the other sinking! He tried many times but in vain, all the stones subsequently sank down to the bottom of sea.

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