Valmiki Ramayana

Laxman faints

The news of the fall of mighty Kumbhakarna reached Ravan's court. With dismay and concern, Ravan quickly summoned his son Indrajeet and asked him to prepare for the deciding fight against Ram and Laxman next day. Indrajeet was expert in all kinds of war games.

In fact, second to Ravan, his son Indrajeet was the most powerful Rakshas. He even easily surpassed his uncle -Kumbhakarna in many aspects. By special austerities and Tapas, he had once pleased God Brahma and had acquired special missile, as a boon, called Brahmastra. It could be used once only, but it was sure to render the opponent dead. Only rarely did it fail!
Thus armed with all these special powers and missiles, and with firm resolve to destroy Ram and his army, Indrajeet led his army to the battle ground. All Rakshasas were in joyous mood as they were sure of their victory under the leadership of Indrajeet. [The literal meaning of Indrajeet is 'one who has defeated the king of God -Indra!'

Ram and Laxman took note of this. They knew about the special powers of Indrajeet. Ram decided to send Laxman to face Indrajeet and advised Hanuman to accompany Laxman. Laxman could counter every move of Indrajeet. But failure made Indrajeet irritable and restless.

His mind was not focused nor concentrated. Indrajeet, therefore, out of frustration and anger, threw the deadly Brahmastra at Laxman. The missile was sure to hit its target. No one could have averted its impact, nor could anyone divert its course. No counter missile was discovered against Brahmastra.

Laxman faints

Therefore, Laxman stood silently with folded hands and started mental repetition of the name of Ram. He knew it was only in the capacity of Ram to lessen its force of impact. And indeed the missile hit him with tremendous force. The nearby monkeys were also shaken. Even powerful Hanuman was put off balance!
What was the condition of Laxman! It uprooted his feet from the ground. he lay flat unconscious on the ground, almost dead. His breathing had stopped. His chest was red and swollen due to the impact. Everyone was terrified and thought Laxman to be dead.

But Hanuman could not believe that Ram's brother could ever die under the protective umbrella of Ram. He rushed to Ram and narrated the incidence. Ram knew what had happened. He urgently sent for the physician. Ram, the physician and Hanuman rushed to the site where Laxman lay unconscious. The physician after examination said,
"O Ram, the impact of Brahmastra leads everyone to death. I wonder how Laxman is still faintly alive! But there is a warning. If Laxman does not receive a particular herbal medicine Sanjivani within 24 hours, he cannot be revived. So, O Ram, please arrange to bring the medicine without delay."

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