Valmiki Ramayana

Invasion of Lanka

He brought this peculiarity to the notice of his associates. But nobody could explain why one particular stone was floating when it should also have sunk. Angad, Sugreev, Jambuwant all tried but no stone remained afloat.

Then Hanuman took the name of Ram and also threw a stone, unintentionally though. And it stayed afloat! The mystery opened up its secret in the intelligent mind of Hanuman. "Oh, I see" shouted Hanuman in ecstasy, "Look brothers, when I throw a stone after taking the name of Ram it floats, and when I throw it without taking his holy name it sinks."

Everyone tried the same thing. And to their joy they all found stones remaining afloat when thrown in the name of Ram. Soon they decided to construct a floating bridge over the sea from Indian coast to the shore of Lanka. Ram also decided to contribute his share of labour.

Therefore he threw a stone after taking his own name, but to his amazement the stone he threw did not float. Hanuman was watching this mysterious play of the Lord with great amusement. He came to Ram, bowed down in reverence, and said,
"O Ram, how can the one survive whom you reject? You are throwing this stone away, how can it float! It is surely doomed and would sink down and down. There is no liberation for any person (as well as non-living thing) who is denied your grace. Without your support nobody becomes fit to cross this ocean of worldliness! Taking your name is, however, sufficient to prevent drowning of mortals like us"

Story of tiny squirrel

A tiny squirrel was watching this divine play from a nearby tree. She also came down, rolled over the sand of sea shore, and then went over the bridge of stones. There she released the particles of sand in the name of Ram. This she continued for days together, oblivious to hunger and thirst. This was the most sincere contribution of a small animal for the noble cause. Thus, every Indian takes pride in contributing, in whatever small way he or she can, in the noble spiritual mission.

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