Valmiki Ramayana

Story of Sugreev and Vali

Soon Ram and Laxman were invited to visit the camp, where, with the help of Sugreev and other friends, they were sure to find out some way to locate as to where Sita could have been taken away. On his meeting with Rama Sugreev told this life story to him:

Sugreev had run away from his kingdom in the fear of his elder brother Vali. Vali was very powerful and cruel king of Kishkindha. He had once defeated the mighty Ravan also. As it happened, once a demon Mayawi challenged Vali's supremacy.
Vali accepted the challenge and fight broke out between the two. They entered one cave and continued their fight inside. Vali specifically told Sugreev to remain stationed at the mouth of the cave and wait for him for fifteen days. "I will kill this demon and return", Vali told Sugreev.

But even after more than fifteen days, nobody returned. One day, blood was seen flowing from the cave and Sugreev thought that Vali must have been killed, and it was likely that the demon would kill him too. So Sugreev ran away to his kingdom and waited for Vali. But Vali did not return even after a few weeks. Therefore he declared himself to be the new king in place of Vali.

A few months passed thus. The injured Vali recovered from his wounds and regained his strength to return to his kingdom. He was trembling with rage when he found that his unfaithful brother has acceded to his throne. He suspected foul play and thrashed Sugreev almost to death. Somehow Sugreev escaped and ran for his life to take shelter on the heights of Risyamuk mountains.

Further, Ram was told that Vali had also forcefully taken his (Sugreev's) wife as the new queen. Sugreev and Hanuman pleaded that Vali was unjust and cruel king and his rule was causing immense hardship and suffering to the people of Kishkindha. Hence, Ram must put an end to his life and make Sugreev the king again.

Ram Kills Vali

Ram agreed as he had seen that although Sugreev was a coward fellow, he was not wicked. He had not occupied the throne intentionally or through scheme. He really believed that Vali was killed in the fight. Therefore, Ram accepted him as his friend and promised to eliminate Vali.

Accordingly, The party left for the capital city and Sugreev, under the instructions of Ram, challenged his brother to come out and fight for the final decision as to who should rule Kishkindha. During the fight, Ram put an end to the life of mighty Vali with a powerful arrow. Sugreev, thus was reinstated as the king. He promised Ram to help him in finding out the whereabouts of Sita. Accordingly, plans were drawn and four groups were formed to reach out East, West, North and South territories.

Search for Sita starts

Son of late Vali - Angad - had joined his uncle and Ram in this mission. He became a great devotee of Ram. Jambuwant, a bear, also came to help them. Thus Ram, Laxman, Hanuman, Sugreev, Angad, and Jambuwant headed south where chances of finding Sita were highest.

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