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Television and Video Systems 2010 Question Paper For CBSE Class XII Exams

  1. Give values of

    (a) Aspect ratio,
    (b) Frame frequency,
    (c) Field frequency &
    (d) Line frequency
    According to Indian standards.

  2. Draw waveforms of composite video signal at the end of even and odd fields.
  3. With the help of a block diagram, explain the functions of different stages in a T.V. Transmitter.
  4. Draw circuit diagram of video amplifier stage of a T.V. receiver and explain its working.
  5. For the given symptoms, identify the faulty stage and suggest remedy

    (a) Sound O.K. raster O.K. but no picture

    (b) Picture O.K., but no sound

    (c) No raster, no sound

    (d) Only a horizontal line on screen, sound O.K.

    (e) Negative picture, sound O.K.

  6. Draw constructional sketch of a delta gun colour picture tube and explain its working.
  7. With the help of block diagram explain the working of a PAL T.V. receiver.
  8. Explain the principle of video recording on magnetic tape.

Television and Video Systems 2010 Question Papers Class XII

CBSE 2010 Question Papers Class XII