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Stenography (English) 2010 Question Paper For CBSE Class XII Exams

Part I

Answers the following questions are not more than 25 words each.
  1. How will you represent 'wh' sound in L stroke? Give two examples. (1 Marks)
  2. Which consonant is added by halving a dark stroke standing alone? Give two Examples. (1 Marks)
  3. In which case is the doubling principle not employed for the addition of tr/dr? (1 Marks)
  4. What sounds does the medial circle S represent? (1 Marks)
  5. What is the difference between a prefix and a suffix?(1 Marks)
  6. With which motion is N hook attached to straight strokes? Give two examples. (1 Marks)
  7. What does a small circle indicate when it is joined inside a large final hook? Give two examples.(1 Marks)
  8. Is the STR loop employed initially? (1 Marks)
  9. Which sound is represented by doubling the stroke of MP? Give two Examples.v
  10. How will you join a circle with 'n' hooked straight strikes Give two examples? (1 Marks)
Part II
  1. Answer the following questions in25 to 50 words each. (2 Marks)
  2. How will you attach F hook to straight strokes? In which case is F hook not Employed? Give two examples of each. (2 Marks)
  3. Write four contractions formed from Grammalogue 'under' with the rule of Their formation. (2 Marks)
  4. How will you distinguish between the outlines of

    (a) 'auditor' and 'daughter'

    (b) 'Mission' and 'emission'? (2 Marks)

  5. Which downward strokes are thickened and halved for the addition of 'd' Sound? State the rules with examples. (2 Marks)
  6. What does a large initial circle represent on a curved stroke? Give two Examples. Also state, giving, two examples, what the large final circle represents. (2 Marks)
  7. What is meant by 'intersection of strokes'? How will you represent 'Authority' And 'Department in writing official phrases? (2 Marks)
Part III
  1. Answer the following questions in 100 to 150 words each.
  2. Define a Compound Consonant. Give two examples each of four Compound Consonants formed by horizontal stroke with rule of their application. (4 Marks)


    Define a Special Contraction by giving the outlines of 'regular' and 'arbitration'. State its difference with a Simple Contraction by giving two examples of each.

  3. What sounds are represented by a large final hook? State the rules of its Application with straight and curved strokes giving two examples of each. (4 Marks)


    What is meant by a suffix? State five rules of representing a dot5 suffix in Shorthand giving two examples of each.

Stenography (English) 2010 Question Papers Class XII

CBSE 2010 Question Papers Class XII