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Mechanical Engineering 2010 Question Paper For CBSE Class XII Exams

  1. (a) Why are pulleys crowned? (3 Marks)

    (b) Explain a Simple gear train. (3 Marks)

    (c) Explain the working of a single plate clutch. (6 Marks)

  2. (a) Give the uses of steam turbines.(6 Marks)

    (b) Explain the working of a Babcock & Wilcox boiler.(6 Marks)

  3. Explain, with the help of neat sketches, the working of a four - stroke diesel engine.(12 Marks)
  4. (a) Explain the working principle of a water turbine. (6 Marks)

    (b) Explain air - cooling system of I.C engines. (6 Marks)

  5. (a) Describe the construction and working of a concrete mixer.(6 Marks)

    (b) Give the function and use of an economizer.(6 Marks)

Mechanical Engineering 2010 Question Papers Class XII

CBSE 2010 Question Papers Class XII