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Fabrication Technology - II (Theory) 2010 Question Paper For CBSE Class XII Exams

    Note: Attempt all question. Draw neat pencil sketch, wherever necessary.

  1. (a) Compare a planner with a slotter from the point of view of metal cutting. (2 Marks)
    (b) What types of operations can be performed on a milling machine?(3 Marks)
    (c) What are the advantages of using cutting fluids during machining?(3 Marks)
    (d) How is the size of a lathe specified?(2 Marks)

  2. (a) What is valve? Name four types of valves and give their uses. (3 Marks)
    (b) Name any six types of materials, used for pipes, giving their uses.(3 Marks)
    (c) Draw steel pipe connections, using elbow - joints.(2 Marks)

  3. How do you express roughness of a surface? Explain any one instrument to measure it (3 Marks)
  4. (a) What is the difference between galvanizing and anodizing? (3 Marks)
    (b) What is the difference between metallic and non - metallic coatings? (3 Marks)
    (c) Explain the process of electroplating. (2 Marks)

  5. (a) How is a paint prepared?(3 Marks)
    (b) A wooden door is to be varnished afresh:

    (i) Give step by step procedure to prepare the surface and varnish it Afresh. Explain the method of preparing the varnish. (6 Marks)
    (ii) Give a list of consumables and equipment needed for this Operation. (6 Marks)

Fabrication Technology 2010 Question Papers Class XII

CBSE 2010 Question Papers Class XII