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Civil Engineering 2010 Question Paper For CBSE Class XII Exams

  1. (a) What is the role of cement in concrete? Enlist names of any three properties of Cement which can be tested in a laboratory. (6+6=12 Marks)
  2. (b) What do you understand by timber? Name the timber, suitable for the following Purposes:
    (i) Making good furniture.
    (ii) Making door shutters. (6+6=12 Marks)
  3. (a) What different types of obstacles may be encountered during chain surveying ?Explain briefly.
    (b)Explain the importance of proper ventilation in a building.(6+6 = 12 Marks)
  4. (a) Briefly explain various uses of cement mortar.
    (b) What is the use of a Dumpy level? Can you measure vertical angles with its Help? (6+6 = 12 Marks)
  5. (a) Suggest a suitable type of foundation for a brick wall. Draw a line sketch of it. (b) Enlist names of various types of floors. Briefly describe any one of them. (6+6 = 12 Marks)
  6. (a) Write the names of any two types of roof truss. Draw their line diagrams.
    (b) What are W.B.M. roads? Are they suitable for fast moving heavy traffic? If yes, How? If no, why? (6+6 = 12 Marks)
  7. Write short notes on any four of the following: (43=12 Marks)
    (i) Identification of timber
    (ii) Brick floors
    (iii) Precautions to prevent dampness in buildings
    (iv) Curing
    (v) Uses of bitumen
    (vi) Applications of theodolite
    (vii) Elements of road structure

Civil Engineering 2010 Question Papers Class XII

CBSE 2010 Question Papers Class XII