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Business Process Outsourcing Skills 2010 Question Paper For CBSE Class XII Exams

Part A

  1. What is exception handling?. (1 Marks)
  2. What do you understand by phonetic language? (1 Marks)
  3. What does P.A. C .T stands for?(1 Marks)
  4. What is a disaster?(1 Marks)
  5. What is CTQ?(1 Marks)

Part B

  1. What is the expanded from of KPO? Why is KPO gaining importance in India? (2 Marks)
  2. Differentiate between vowel and consonant sounds.(2 Marks)
  3. What is instructor led training?(2 Marks)
  4. Describe the process of preparing an Invoice.(2 Marks)
  5. What is benchmarking?(2 Marks)

part C

  1. What skills are required to succeed in LPO job?(3 Marks)
  2. Write a short note on the importance of documentation.(3 Marks)
  3. What is a syllable stress? Explain with examples.(3 Marks)
  4. What is the difference between listening hearings? Explain with examples. (3 Marks)
  5. State a few steps that can be taken to improve customer service (3 Marks)
  6. Why is communication important ? What tips will you give to your junior colleague for improving communication ? (3 Marks)
  7. Explain advantages that can be gained by an organization by documenting text, video and audio files .(3 Marks)
  8. Write short notes on Process Ramp-up / Ramp-down.(3 Marks)
  9. What do you understand by standard operating procedures ? What are the key objectives that you will keep in mind while establishing SOPs?(3 Marks)
  10. Write short notes on (a) Transition Budget (b) Process performance Matrics.(3 Marks)

Part D

  1. 'BPO - a boon or bane for India'. Discuss.(5 Marks)
  2. What is active listening ? What points would you like to emphasize to guide somebody for active listening ? (5 Marks)
  3. You are a team leader in a BPO company. You are required to implement a new process. How will you manage the change and take steps to implement the new process ? (5 Marks)
Business Process Outsourcing Skills 2010 Question Papers Class XII

CBSE 2010 Question Papers Class XII