Syllabus - Certificate in Information Systems for Auditing and Cost Management

Course 2 – Rs.6500/-

Module Details

Networking Fundamentals & Intranet Concepts:

Basic concepts covering networking connectivity, network topologies, OSI model, LAN architectures, client / server model, TCP / IP, Internetworking components & Intranet concepts.

4 Hr.

IT Concepts:

Latest trends in H/W & S/W, Concepts, Jargons & Terminology, Sourcing of H/W & S/W, Integration of functions with proper H/W & S/W & networking.

2 Hr.

Principles of Programming & data Structure:

Overview of various programming languages, Basic programming logic techniques, C++ programming language covering Data structures, Control structures & Functions, Arrays, Classes * Data abstraction, Inheritance & Polymorphism.

20 Hr.

Database Processing using SQL Server 7.0 / Visual Studio:

Relation database concepts, database design process using Oracle Forms for designing application, interacting with database using PL/SQL and SQL * PLUS

30 Hr.

Front End programming using Visual Basic Desktop :

Developing a small Application and demonstrate Internal Auditing capabilities.

8 Hr.

Auditing in Computerized Accounting System :

Techniques, Controls, Safety of Data, Evaluation of System Fraud

8 Hr.

Introduction to Electronic Commerce:

Challenges, opportunities and issues related to e-commerce, Tools, skills and business concepts surrounding the e-commerce, Basic type of e-business. Problems in e-commerce such as security, privacy, content selection and rating, intellectual property rights, encryption, acceptable use policies & legal liability.

8 Hr.

Application in Management Accounting :

Case Study

8 Hr.

ERP Concepts:

Overview of ERP, Technologies in ERP systems, Advantages of ERP packages, examples and functionality of a few ERP packages like Oracle Financials.

12 Hr.
Total 100 hr.