Syllabus - Certificate Course in Computing and Accounting and Finance

Course 1 – Rs.3250/-

Module Details


A comprehensive overview of IT. Overview of Windows Operating System and working familiarity with a PC

1 Hr.
Word Processing (MS Word 2000)

Concepts of Word Processing, Creating, Editing, Saving, Retrieving and Printing documents. Font Styles, sizes, margin, tabs and spell check.

6 Hr.
Spreadsheet (MS Excel 2000)

Creating worksheets, manipulation of worksheet data to work with formulas and functions to enhance appearance before printing and to create charts & graphs. Case studies of cost and management accounting applications such as Business Plans, Inventory , Payroll ,etc.

8 Hr.
Database (MS Access 2000) :

Database concepts and terminology. Creation of design layouts , sort or group list of address, inventories , collectibles , receipts etc. Use of SQL to produce reports

5 Hr.
MS Powerpoint 2000 :

Techniques to create new presentations. Rearranging slides in a presentation, Insert text into slide. Create columns and list. Drawing objects on a slide , positioning & sizing of objects. Adding pictures, sound and video clips. Viewing and enhancing a slide show.

4 Hr.
The Internet & Web Page creation:

Introduction to WWW and Internet. Accessing and searching WWW, Email and its features, New Groups, Bulletin Board Systems, Transfer files to and from your systems, Security, Virus Protection, Intranet & Extranets

Introduction to HTML , Front Page ’98 in nutshell , including Editor Active Components and Frames. Basic Web Graphic

6 Hr.

Accounting Package:

Using the accounting package to carry out the basic bookkeeping, Sales & Purchase, Receivable & Payable, Multilocation Stock Management, Multi Division Accounts, comprehensive budgeting, cost profit centre accounting.

20 Hr.