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English— 2006 (Set I—OutSide Delhi)

Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set-I D.B., 2006.



Q. 3. You plan to sell your old car. Draft a suitable advertisement in not more than 50 words to be inserted in a reputed national daily giving all necessary details of the car. (5)


Repeated earthquakes in India and elsewhere have resulted in unprecedented dam age and destruction to both life and property. Educating people on the precautions to be taken is the need of the hour Prepare a poster, in not more than 50 words, for creating this awareness

Q. 4. You are Seetha/Surya living in Bangalore You and your friends are planning a week long holiday You come across the following advertisement Select a destination of your choice Write a letter making necessary enquiries from the tour operator before you make your final decision. (10)


A leading news channel recently gave a live coverage of some young slum dwellers being beaten up mercilessly by the police for crimes not committed by them. Such atrocities shake the very faith of people. Write a letter to the Commissioner of Police urging him to adopt effective measures to curb such brutality against innocent people. You are Nita/ Nitesh, a resident of Guwahati.

Q. 5. There were many vacant spaces in your colony which were lying unattended and uncared for. You and your friends decided to beautify and develop those areas into green parks or playgrounds for the benefit of all. With practically no money but lots of enthusiasm of the children of the colony, your project became a roaring success. It has now even caught media attention. You have been approached by a local newspaper to share your success story. Write a brief report in 100 - 125 words on how you organized the entire project. You are Neha/Nitin, a resident of Chandigarh. (10)


In order to promote book reading habit amongst school children, your school organized a ‘Book Week’. During this week a number of exciting activities including interaction sessions with eminent authors took place As Head Boy! Head Girl of the school you were actively involved in making all the arrangements. Write a report in 100 - 125 words. You are Manju/Mihir, a resident of Chennai.

Q. 6. Indian TV is doing a great service to the general public Write an article giving your views on the above topic in 150 - 200 words for a leading magazine. You are Arth/Arti, a citizen of Patna. (10)


A recent survey showed that there are still many communities in India which do not welcome the birth of a girl child. Can a country which does not give equal rights to all its citizens ever dream of becoming great? Write an article in 150 - 200 words giving your views on the above subject and the steps we should take to solve this problem. You are Simran/Yusuf, a citizen of Hyderabad.



Q. 7.

  1. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow: (4)
    “Had he and I but met
    By some Old ancient inn,
    We should have sat us down to wet
    Right many a nipperkin !“

    1. Who are the two characters in the above lines referred to as ‘he’ and ‘I’” (1)
    2. What is the significance of the line, ‘Had he and I but met...’? (2)
    3. What does ‘a nipperkin’ mean? (1)


    One day there fell in great Benares temple-court
    A wondrous plate of gold, whereon these words were writ;
    “To him who loveth best a gift from Heaven’

    1. Where did the plate of gold faIl” (1)
    2. What was written on it” (1)
    3. What message does the poet give through this poem? (2)
  2. Answer the following questions in 30 - 40 words each: (3 x 2 = 6)
    1. What, according to Tagore, has ‘the burden of ages’ done to our motherland?
    2. Why does Ben Jonson call the lily a flower of light?
    3. Wordsworth’s heart was filled with wonder and sadness at the same time when he was reclining under a tree What made him think SO ‘

Q. 8. Answer the following questions in 30- 40 words each: (5 x 2 = 10)

  1. As she was going out she asked the cashier in a low voice, “Is that gentle man an Indian?“ Why did Maggie ask this question?
  2. How do machines deprive us of two important ingredients of happiness?
  3. The Brahmo Samaj movement for emancipation of women has been de scribed as a false dawn. Why?
  4. What is Mueller’s view about the study of Sanskrit?
  5. What objection did Lady Bracknell have in giving her consent to Gwendolen’s wedding with Mr. Worthing?

Q. 9. Answer the following in 125 - 150 words: (10)
A confinement in Andaman Islands was worse than a death sentence. Explain.


There is light at the end of the tunnel but oniy for those who see it. Bring out the relevance of this statement by taking examples from the story, ‘A Man Who Had No Eyes’.

Q. 10. Answer the following in 125 - 150 words: (7)

The writer says that, truth is vastly stranger than fiction. Do you agree? Explain with reference to the story, ‘The Face on the Wall’.


Mrs. Wang wins our sympathy and admiration through her wisdom and simplicity. Explain the truth of this statement with examples from the story, ‘The Old Demon’.

Q. 11. Answer the following in30 - 40 words each: (4 x 2 = 8)

  1. “Each one of us misses out on some success or happiness”, says Dr. Stromer. What is the point he wants to make?
  2. At one point in the play, Baldwin says, ‘...never thought this day would come…. What is he referring to?
  3. The winner of the, bet eventually did not collect his bet money. Why? When the glass kept near the wall of the compartment was vibrating, Barin became almost paralyzed with fear. Why?
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