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General Instructions:

  1. All questions are compulsory.
  2. Marks for each question are indicated against it
  3. Question numbers 1 to 5 are very short answer questions, carrying 1 mark each. Answer these in one word or about one sentence each.
  4. Question numbers 6 to 12 are short answer questions, carrying 2 marks each. Answer these in about 30 words each.
  5. Question numbers 13 to 24 are a/so short answer questions, carrying 3 marks each. Answer these in about 40 words each.
  6. Question numbers 25 to 27 are long answer questions, carrying 5 marks each. Answer these in about 70 words each.
  7. Use Log Tables, if necessary. Use of calculators is not permitted.
Chemistry 2006 Question Papers Class XII