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English— 2006 (Set II— Compartment Outside Delhi)

General Instructions: See in the Set - I, Delhi Board, 2006, (Comptt/).

Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set - I and Set - ||, D.B., 2006, (Comptt.).



Q. 4. You are Ravi/Rani, Special Correspondent of The Times of India. Write a report on the recent cultural exchange programme in your city organized by the State Tourism Department, highlighting the special features. (100— 125 words) (10)


You are Satya/Santa. You recently visited a well maintained and highly reputed school run for the children with special needs. Write a report on the activities and special features of the school for a local magazine. (100— 125 words) (10)

Q. 6. Education and Technology should improve our civilization. But cruelty to wards women is reported very often from all over the country. Write an article in about 200 words to be published in a popular newspaper, pointing out the callous attitude towards women and the need to bring strict rules to curb it. You are Raj/Rita, a social worker. (10)


Our villages still do not have adequate medical facilities even after years of independence. Write an article in about 200 words urging the government and private agencies to take measures to provide better medical facilities in our villages. You are Raj/Rita. (10)

Q. 9. How does Bhai Parmanand describe the Andamans and its people? (125 - 150 words) (10)


“A person’s altitude in life and career depends on his attitude.” Discuss with reference to Markwardt and Parsons. (125 - 150 words) (10)


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