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English— 2006 (Set II—OutSide Delhi)

General Instructions: See in the Set - I, O.D., 2006.

Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set - I O.D., 2006.



Q. 6. Water is very precious. Some scientists even go to the extent of saying that the third world war may be fought on the issue of water. Keeping in view the need for saving each drop of water, write an article in 150 - 200 words. You are Natasha / Rohan, a resident of Lucknow. (10)


Television is termed as an idiot box in many countries. Keeping in view this opinion, write an article in 150 - 200 words, showing the influence of T.V. on young minds. You are Susan / John, a resident of Mumbai.



Q. 7. (b) Answer the following questions in 30-40 words each: (3 x 2 = 6)

  1. What, according to Tagore, has ‘the burden of ages’ done to our motherland”
  2. What is the central idea of the poem, ‘Written in Early Spring’?
  3. The poem, ‘Once upon a Time’, is a satire on modern life. Explain how.

Q. 8. Answer the following questions in 30 - 40 words each: (5 x 2 = 10)

  1. Markwardt’s blindness fails to evoke the reader’s sympathy. Why?
  2. What were some of the doubts that Gandhiji initially had about women’s ability to play a proactive role in the national movement. How did the women surprise him?
  3. What is Mueller’s view about the study of Sanskrit?
  4. The prevention of destitution (poverty) does not entirely depend upon machines. Do you agree?
  5. Why did Lady Bracknell advise Mr. Worthing to produce one parent ol either sex before the season was over?

Q. 9. Answer the following in 125 - 150 words: (10)
How does the author describe the Jailor of the Silver Jail?


Maggie was an ordinary girl with extraordinary qualities. Discuss.


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