The Wise Rabbit

There once lived a lion in the thick jungle at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. He was ferocious and cruel. He hunted and killed more creatures than he required for his meals.
One day the animals of the jungle got together and decided that they would have to speak to the lion, otherwise, with the way he was killing, there would be no creatures left in the jungle. So they went to where the lion lived to convince him to change his ways.The Wise Rabbit

"Your majesty," said the monkey, "We have noticed that you hunt many more animals that you can eat. There will soon be no animals left in your kingdom. You will be a king without any subjects. We suggest that you do not go hunting any more. Instead, allow us to send you an animal each day for your food. You will get your food, and no more lives shall be lost unnecessarily."

"All right," replied the lion in a gruff voice. "But I warn you that if one day I do not receive my food, I'll kill every one of you."

All the animals bowed their heads in respect to the lion and agreed to his warning. From that day on, an animal was sent to the lion for his daily meal without fail. For a while everything went very well. Then one day it was the turn of an old and intelligent rabbit. He set out to the lion's den with four of his nephews. He was telling them about his youth, when he was able to run swiftly to defend himself from the ferocious animals of the jungle. The old rabbit did not want to die.

"I don't want to give myself to the cruel old lion," he said. "I am sure I can save myself, even now when I am old. I don't need to run at this age, but need to use my intelligence."

Suddenly he saw an old well and thought of an idea. "My dear nephews," said the rabbit, "you must wait for me near this old well. Stay quiet when the lion turns up. I will be with him. I am sure I can save myself - and the other animals too."

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