The Lion, The Fox and The Ass

A lion once lived in the jungle near the city of Dehra Dun, in the north of India. He lived with his devoted servant, a fox. The lion would hunt for himself and, after he had eaten the best part of his prey, he would give the fox the leftovers. The two lived happily together in peace for many years until they both grew old and feeble. One day the lion was wounded in a fight with an elephant. He found it hard to move and hunt for his food.The Lion, The Fox and The Ass

"My dear fox, we are both going to starve to death this way," he said to the fox one evening. "I cannot go out to hunt any more. It is time for you to bring me an animal to kill here."
The next morning the fox set out in search of the prey. Soon he saw an ass grazing outside the city of Dehra Dun.
"Hello," said the fox to the ass. "You look very sad. What is the matter?"

"Oh, I am sick of my life as a beast of burden," replied the ass. "I carry the clothes of my master, a washerman, every day yet he is never grateful. Instead, he beats me with his stick and speaks to me rudely. I have no one to talk to because I am never free to find myself a friend. I am so tired of this life."

"That is very sad," said the fox. "It's not fair that your master should be so mean. You can not be a slave to this man for the rest of your life. Come with me, and find happiness in the jungle. Everyone is free and peaceful there. You will get plenty of food, good shelter and , if you desire, a bride."
The ass looked at the fox with interest, "A bride too?" he exclaimed, with a sparkle in his eyes.

"Yes, a bride too," said the fox. "I know a female ass that would make a good bride for you. She is also lonely and looking for a husband. She wants to marry and raise a family. This is no life for you," he added.

"I think you are right," the ass said thoughtfully. "I will come with you and teach my master a lesson. I have a right to a better life."

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