The Heron and the Crab

A heron once lived beside a big pond in a forest in South India. He enjoyed eating fish and other creatures from the pond for many years, until he became old and feeble. When he could no longer fish for himself, he had to think of a plan to get his daily food.

One fine day he stood in the middle of the pond, meditating on one leg, and let all the fish and frogs pass by unhurt. All the creatures of the pond were surprised at this.The Heron and the Crab

A crab came to him and said, "Uncle, why are you so inactive these days? You have not caught even a single fish or frog."
"My child, times have changed," replied the heron sadly. "We are soon going to face very hard times. The creatures of the pond are going to die. I am told."

"How?" the crab asked in surprise.

"The pond has been sold off," explained the heron. "Soon it will be filled in and turned into a farm, which means that the creatures living here are going to die."

"Oh no," exclaimed the crab. "This is very serious. I must warn all the creatures immediately."

"That will be an act of mercy," said the heron. "God will bless you for your great deed of kindness." He watched with amusement while the crab rushed about, informing the other creatures of the pond's near end.

The fish were the first to be frightened. They rushed to the heron and said, "We've learnt about your concern for us. Please save us from this situation."

The heron looked at them thoughtfully and then said calmly, "I am just a bird but I think I know how to help you out of this plight. There is a big pond not far from here which, I am sure, is not sold, nor it is going to be sold, because of the poor quality of land around it. If you are willing and will cooperate, I can safely carry you there."

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