Game Of Dice

Dronacharya, and Vidura could nothing. King Dhritarashtra was silent.

Cries of "shame, shame" were mingled with terrifying laughter of Duryodhana, Shakuni, and Dushasana.

Duryodhana ordered Dushasana to disrobe the lady. Bhishma objected, Dhritarashtra trembled, but the lust, pride, and blind power of victory was not prepared to listen or see sense.

Lord Krishna Comes to the Rescue

Helpless Draupadi had but one hope, one last hope to save her grace. Sri Krishna could alone, and would, save her from disgrace! She started repeating and praying for his grace, a saviour of his devotees, the Master of the Universe.

And the Lord does not wait when his devotee is in such a grave crisis. Sri Krishna provided unending lengths of cloth on the body of Draupadi.

Here, Dushasana pulled one yard of her robe -sari - and there two yards were added by the grace of Sri Krishna! The evil Dushasana went on and on, his hands aching and paralyzed with fatigue, but there was no end to the covering of Draupadi's body. At last Dushasana collapsed, completely exhausted.

"Victory to Lord Krishna", exclaimed Draupadi and fell down unconscious tears rolling down her eyes.

But still, Shakuni and Duryodhana were not to be put off. Duryodhana baring his thigh invited Draupadi to sit on it. This was the last straw on camel's back. The infuriated Bhima rose to kill Duryodhana but was prevented by Yudhisthira to act. "O brothers, we have no right to protest or fight against our master. We are all slaves of Duryodhana", said he.

At this Bhima vowed, "Listen everyone, listen O Dhritarashtra, I will kill Duryodhana by breaking open his thigh and would drink blood from the same. And moreover, O evil Dushasana, remember and tremble in the heart, for I will break open your chest and dress the hair of Draupadi with that blood." (Draupadi later vowed to keep her hair loose till Bhima fulfilled his pledge.)

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