Marriage of Bhima

The narrow escape put Kunti in a state of shock and apprehension. She could not put her sons at the mercy of Duryodhana and Shakuni. She was afraid they would again make attempt on their lives. Therefore, she pleaded with her sons to live incognito for time being. Accordingly they stayed in the forest for a few days.

Bhima Marries Hidimbi

This forest was under the rule of demon Hidimba and his sister Hidimbi. When the demons smelled the flesh of humans Hidimba decided to kill them and eat them as his food. He sent his sister to assess the situation.

But as the fate had it, Hidimbi fell in love with huge and powerfully built Bhima! She transformed herself into a beautiful woman and approached Bhima with desire to marry him. She told the evil designs of her brother to kill them. Bhima was not afraid, and decided to fight it out with Hidimba.

He all alone, without disturbing his brothers and mother, challenged the demon chieftain. The ensuing fight was very terrible, to say the least. Both of them fought with great gusto, uprooting huge trees and using them as their weapons. The noise and din created by the two fighting giants awoke remaining Pandavas and Kunti. They rushed to the scene of fight and found Bhima engaged in very unusual battle. In the end Hidimba was killed and Bhima was victorious.

This pleased Kunti very much and was also proud of his son Bhima. But presence of an unknown but beautiful lady by the side of Bhima puzzled her. When she inquired abut the same, Hidimbi herself told everyone about her real identity and her desire to marry Bhima. Kunti realized that not only Hidimbi was in true love with her son , but also she was instrumental in saving their lives. Therefore, she asked Bhima to fulfill the desire of Hidimbi. Bhima agreed on one condition, that he would leave her after they had one son. Hidimbi agreed and they were married.

They were blessed with the most powerful and obedient son - Ghatotkacha. This son of Bhima stayed with her mother, and promised his father to appear before him as soon as he remembered him. Later in the war of Mahabharata, we shall see how Ghatotkacha played very important role in saving lives of his father and Pandavas at the cost of his own life.

Sri Krishna and Pandavas

Kunti and Pandavas decided to leave the forest and go to nearby city. Accordingly, in guise of a Brahmin family, they decided to stay in the city of Ekchakra begging for their food from door to door. It was decided that they would equally share whatever they get amongst themselves.

The days passed by, one day they came to know about the announcement of the marriage of the beautiful princess of Panchal - Draupadi. Arjuna knew about the bravery and beauty of Draupadi and in fact was desirous of marrying her.

Sri Krishna, King of Dwaraka, had meanwhile become friend and saviour of Pandavas.

Sri Krishna
Numerous legends describe Krishna's miracles and heroic exploits. He slew and defeated scores of evil demons and monsters. He appears prominently in the epic poem Mahabharata, in which he sides with the Pandavas and acts as the charioteer of the hero Arjuna. It is to Arjuna, troubled on the eve of the decisive battle (more about which later), that Krishna delivers the celebrated discourse on duty and life known as the Bhagavad-Gita.

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