Life in Forest 2

From Kamyak forest, the Pandavas moved to Dvaita Forest.

The question of daily food was solved by the gift from Sun God of a "special vessel" given to Draupadi. The vessel would be filled by desired food once a day. However, after it was used one time in a day, it could be filled only the next day.

Story of Sage Durvasa

Once while passing through the forest the sage Durvasa, accompanied by his many disciples, reached the hut of Pandavas. Sage Durvasa was known for his short temper and throwing curse whosoever did not obey his commands.

Draupadi welcomed the sage and after proper salutations inquired about their needs. Durvasa told her that they were all hungry and would be happy to receive proper meals. Draupadi was at her wits end as there was nothing in her kitchen to offer to these hundred pious guests! Unfortunately the vessel that could have solved her problem was already used for the day and washed clean. Now it would yield the food the next only. It was, at the same time essential for her to make some arrangements as per the command of Durvasa lest his curse might prove disastrous for her and Pandavas.

To buy time, she requested the sage and his disciples to take bath in the nearby river, and in the meantime she could prepare meals for them. The sage agreed and left for the river with his associates.

Krishna Comes to Help Again

Perturbed and helpless, Draupadi started praying Sri Krishna for help. She sat in front of the image of the Lord and with wet eyes prayed to Him to rush to her assistance. Sri Krishna, in his palace in Dwaraka, heard the cry of despair of his devotee and rushed to her forest dwelling. With a sweet musical voice he consoled her not to worry and asked her for some food for himself. He said he was hungry.

Draupadi did not understand this unusual demand. On the one hand she had called Sri Krishna for help, and on the other, Sri Krishna himself appeared to trouble her. This paradox confused her.

She said, "O Krishna this is not time for joking. Durvasa has demanded food for himself and hundred of his disciples. There is not a single grain in my kitchen. What should I do? How can I resolve this crisis."

Hearing this, Sri Krishna said, "O sister, that is why I am asking you to give me something to eat! Bring that vessel that gives you your daily food, there must be something in it."

Reluctantly Draupadi did as was asked. And there attached to the back of the vessel was a grain of rice! Sri Krishna put it in his mouth. His hunger was satisfied. Then a miracle occurred. The Lord of Universe had eaten enough; and with this was satisfied the appetite of whole world!

Here on the bank of river, Durvasa and his disciples suddenly felt their stomach were full! They had no appetite left even for a single bolus of food. How could they now eat the meals prepared by Draupadi? Therefore, the sage with his party, beat a hasty retreat without ever bothering Draupadi any more.

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