Mohiniattam Dance-Drama

Mohiniattam Dance-DramaThis is a semi-classical dance from Kerala. It is essentially a solo dance, performed only by women. In fact, the word Mohini means a maiden who steals the heart of the onlooker. Mohiniyaattam is a distinctive dance form of Kerala. Wide swinging steps and the swinging movement of the torso from side to side are traits of mohiniattam. Rhythmic variations called 'choll~' based on patterns of rhythm syllables are an integral part of the vocal accompaniment. And this is gracefully rendered by the dancer with beautiful gestures and footwork.

Mohiniattam performances depict love and devotion to God. The hero of most performances is Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna. The movements are graceful and the costume chiefly consists of a white sari and blouse. The vocal music for Mohiniattam is classical Carnatic