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POLTICAL SCIENCE (Set I— Compartment Delhi)

Q. 1. Give two sources of law. 2

Q. 2. What is comparative politics? 2

Q. 4. What is direct election? Give an example of direct election. 1+1

Q. 5. What is meant by Territorial Representation? 2

Q. 6. List any two characteristics of the backwardness of Indian economy on the eve of India 's Independence. 2

Q. 7. State any two laws passed by Indian Parliament for the welfare of women. 2

Q. 8. Give any two causes of inequality in India. 2

Q. 9. Suggest any two ways to curb communalism in India. 2

Q. 10. State my two determinants of shaping India 's foreign policy. 2

Q. 11. What is political equality? 4

Q. 12. What are Natural Rights? Give two examples. 4

Q. 13. Why is state a necessary institution? 4

Q. 14. What is Political Socialisation? Give any two of its characteristics. 4

Q. 15. What is Political Participation? How is direct participation possible. 2+2

Q. 16. Give any four grounds of criticism of Marxism. 4

Q. 17. Describe any four functions of Election Commission. 4

Q. 18. Give any four merits of Bi-Party system. 4

Q. 19. Give any four reasons for district level planning. 4

Q. 20. Describe the difference between Neutrality and Non-Alignment. 4

Q. 21. Describe the relationship between Law and Liberty . 8
What do you understand by Social Justice? What steps has India taken to secure social justice to its citizens.

Q. 22. Describe the characteristics of the Indian Constitution, which reflect liberalism. 8
Explain the main principles of Fascism.

Q. 23. Analyse the working of interest groups in a parliamentary democracy. 8
Explain the role of sound public opinion in a democracy.

Q. 24. How is illiteracy a great hinderance in the working of Indian democracy? Discuss. 8
Explain the causes of separatism in India.

Q. 25. Analyse India 's relations with U.S.A. 5
What important activities has SAARC taken up during its existence? What has been India 's role in them?

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