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POLTICAL SCIENCE (Set I— Outside Delhi)

Q. 1. What do you understand by 'social justice'? 2

Q. 2. 'Rights imply duties'. Explain. 2

Q. 3. Why are the State activities ever changing? 2

Q. 4. What is implied by political development? 2

Q. 5. Is Marxism relevant today? 2

Q. 6. Suggest any two electoral reforms to curb the undue influence of money pow-er during elections in India.2

Q. 7. Differentiate between the interest groups and pressure groups. 2

Q. 8. What do you understand by the Proportional System of Representation? 2

Q. 9. Describe the electoral symbols of the Congress Party and the Bhartiya Janata Party. 2

Q. 10. 'Non-alignment does not imply either neutrality or equidistance.' Comment. 2

Q. 11. What do you understand by human rights? When do we celebrate the Human Rights Day and why? 2+1+1

Q. 12. What is implied by a welfare state? How far is it correct to call India a welfare state? 2 + 2

Q. 13. What is the relevance of Gandhism today? 4

Q. 14. What are the main functions of the Election Commission of India? 4

Q. 15. 'Political parties are the backbone of a democracy.' Explain why. 4

Q. 16. Write a critical note on the emerging party system in India. 4

Q. 17. Are you in support of reservation of one-third of seats for women at the Panc-chayat level? Give arguments in support of your answer. 4

Q. 18. What is the role of Planning Commission in the socio-economic development of India? 4

Q. 19. What do you understand by regional imbalance? How can we bridge the gap? 2+2

Q. 20. Discuss India 's relations with People's Republic of China. 4

Q. 21. 'It is the notion of justice which binds liberty with equality.' Do you agree with this view? Why? 8
What do you understand by the concept of dharma? What is the significance of the concept of dharma in Indian thought and practice? 4+4

Q. 22. What are the differences between the traditional and modern approaches to the study of comparative politics ? What do you understand by System Analysis? 4+4
Trace the relationship between political socialisation, political participation and political development. 8

Q. 23. What are the main tenets of liberalism? Discuss the basic tensions in liberalism. 4 + 4
Differentiate between Marxism and Communism. What led to the collapse of Communism from most parts of the world? 4 +4

Q. 24. 'Illiteracy is a bane for democracy in India '. What steps are being taken by the Government of India to ensure education for all? 8
Why is caste still playing a crucial role during elections in India ? How can we curb the adverse effect of caste in politics? 4+4

Q. 25. What are the main determinants of the foreign policy of a country? What are the main principles of foreign policy of India? 4+4
How can India improve its relations with Pakistan? 8

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