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POLTICAL SCIENCE (Set I— Compartment Outside Delhi)

Q. 1. Define Dharma. 2

Q. 2. What is the basis of traditional and modern approaches to the study of comp-artive comparative politics?2

Q. 3. What is Liberalism? 2

Q. 4. Give any two advantages of Universal Adult Franchise. 2

Q. 5. What is meant by List System? 2

Q. 6. Describe the composition of National Development Council. How often is it required to meet? 1+1

Q. 7. List any two goals of development of independent India. 2

Q. 8. Mention any two strategies to eradicate illiteracy. 2

Q. 9. Give any two effects of population explosion on Indian democracy. 2

Q. 10. What is meant by SAFTA (South Asian Free Trade Area)? What is its purpo-se purpose? 1+1

Q. 11. Give any four sources of law. 4

Q. 12. What is meant by Right to Equality? 4

Q. 13. What is a welfare state? 4

Q. 14. How does a family help in political socialism? 4

Q. 15. How do we explain the different levels of political participation? 4

Q. 16. Give any four effects of Humanism. 4

Q. 17. What is the utility of Election Manifesto? 4

Q. 18. Describe briefly any four sources of public opinion. 4

Q. 19. Describe any four functions of National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. 4

Q. 20. State any four objectives of India 's foreign policy. 4

Q. 21. Equality and Liberty are supplementary to each other. Discuss. 8
Discuss the relationship between Law and Morality.

Q. 22. Discuss the importance of Marxism in the present era. 8
Explain the relevance of Gandhism today in India .

Q. 23. Discuss the role of Opposition in a democracy. 8
Discuss the problems faced by Party system in India .

Q. 24. Discuss the impact of casteism on Indian democracy. 8
Discuss the impact of regional imbalances on Indian democracy.

Q. 25. Analyse India 's role in the United Nations. 8
What is meant by Globalisation? Discuss the major changes in policy that India made towards liberalisation.

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