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Q. 1. 'The concept of dharma is not the same as religion.' Comment. 2

Q. 2. What is implied by a Laissez-Faire state? 2

Q. 3. Differentiate between Comparative Government and Comparative Politics. 2

Q. 4. What do you understand by 'Dictatorship of the Proletariat'? 2

Q. 5. Describe universal franchise. 2

Q. 6. How far is it justified to have multi-member Election Commission in India? 2

Q. 7. 'RIghts imply duties'. Explain. 2

Q. 8. What is the role of two-party system ma democracy? 2

Q. 9. Mention any two characteristics of the Party System in India . 2

Q. 10. Mention any two countries north of India who are the members of SAARC. 2

Q. 11. Discuss the relationship between liberty and equality. 4

Q. 12. Describe impact of globalisation on the state -activities. 4

Q. 13. How far is it correct -to -say that liberalism implies tad Individualism plus Democracy? 4

Q. 14. Write a brief note on structural-functional approach to the study of Comparative Politics. 4

Q. 15. What is the role of education institutions in political socialization? 4

Q. 16. Discuss any two electoral reforms needed in India . 2 + 2

Q. 17. What is the relevance of planning in the era of market economy? 4

Q. 18. Discuss the role of National Women's Commission in reaching the goal of Women's Empowerment in India . 4

Q. 19. What are the causes of rising communalism in India ? Haw can we curb them?4

Q. 20. Describe India 's changing relations with the United States of America. 4

Q. 21. Define Law. What are the main attributes of a good law? Describe the relatioonship between law and morality. 2 + 2 + 4
Define 'Human Rights' and distinguish them from 'Fundamental Rights'. Disc- uss the role of National Human Rights Commission in India. 4 + 4

Q. 22. Critically examine Gandhi's methods of Conflict Resolution. 8
What were the reasons for the rise and fall of Fascism. 8

Q. 23. What do you understand by public opinion? What are the prerequisites of soound public opinion? 8
Write a critical note on the role of opposition parties in India. 8

Q. 24. What are the factors responsible for vast socio-economic inequalities in India ? What steps should be taken to bridge these gaps? 4 + 4
Differentiate between regionalism and separatism. What factors are responsible for rising regionalism in India ? 4 + 4

Q. 25. Differentiate between 'neutrality' and 'non-alignment'. Discuss India 's role in the NAM . 4 + 4
Discuss India 's role in the United Nations Organisation. 8

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