Indian Food : North Indian -Punjabi

PunjabiA state, whose name is synonymous with high spirits, prosperity and passionate involvement with life, Punjab or 'Panj Aab' literally meaning five rivers, has distinct characteristics. It lies in northwest of India. It is  the land of milk and honey. Punjabi food is wholesome and full of rustic flavor .There are no intricate marinades or exotic sauces but it has full-bodied masalas (spices) cooked with liberal amount o desi ghee (clarified butter) always served with a liberal helping of butter or cream.  Indian cuisine in the other parts of the world is mostly identified with Punjabi food. we proudly present some main recipes from this most popular cuisine of India.

Vegetarian Dishes :

  1. Makhani Paneer
  2. Maa-Ki- Daal
  3. Sarsoon Ka Saag
  4. Chat Pate Chane
  5. Baingan Da Bhurta
  6. Tandoori Capsicum

Non-Vegetarian Dishes:

  1. Murg Malai
  2. Ghost-E-Patiala
  3. Champ Masala
  4. Saag Meat
  5. Saag Murg
  6. Bhona Gosht

Sweet Dishes :

  1. Gajrela