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BIOLOGY— 2006 (Set III—Delhi)

General Instructions: Same as in Set- I (Delhi Board) 2006.

Note: Except for the following questions all the remaining questions have been asked in Set-I .


Q. 3. What is residual volume? How much is it in a normal human adult? (1)


Q. 7. Draw a diagrammatic sketch of the microscopic view of a mammalian sperm188 and label any four parts in it.

Q. 8. Where are Bowman’s glands located in our nasal chamber? Mention their function. (2)

Q. 9. What is biodiversity ? Why is it a matter of concern now? (2)

Q. 11. What is an artificial cardiac pacemaker ? How does it work? (2)


Q. 16. Give

  1. the causative agent,
  2. two symptoms and
  3. the mode of trans
    mission of the disease anthrax. (3)

Q. 17. Give the information about the following nutrients in plants as asked against each:

  1. Potassium :The tissue where abundantly present, deficiency effect on internodes.
  2. Manganese: The best defined function in photosynthesis, one defi ciency symptom in plants.
  3. Calcium: The chemical form in which it is absorbed from the soil, part where used during cell division. (3)

Q. 21. What is the role of calcium ions, troponin and F-Actin during contraction in striated muscles of humans? (3)


Explain giving one example of each, the three types of joints in human skeleton, based on the capacity of movement. (3)

Q. 25. What is double fertilisation in angiosperms? Explain. (3)


Q. 26. Draw a diagram of the detailed microscopic structure of retina showing photoreceptors and their connections. Label pigmented epithelium, cones, ganglion cells, bipolar cells, amacrine cell, and horizontal cell. (5)


Draw a schematic labelled diagram to show the local circuit produced in the myeli nated axon showing saltatory conduction. Indicate by arrows the direction of current flow, and movement of ions etc. (5)

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