SOCIAL STUDIES — 2004 (Set III—Compartment Delhi)

Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I and Set II.

Q. 7. Distinguish between biotic and abiotic natural resources. Give two distinctions. 1+1=2

Q. 15. On what main principle was the Arya Samaj founded? What was the contribution of Arya Samaj in the spread of education? 4


What was the impact of social reform movements of 19 century on Indian society? 4

Q. 16. Describe four uses of non-commercial sources of energy in rural India. 4


Describe four major features of petroleum.

Q. 17. Explain, with examples, any four types of unemployment in India. 4

Q. 19. Describe five principles of Panchsheel.

Q. 21. Describe three geographical requirements for jowar cultivation—temperature, rainfall and soil. Name three major jowar producing States of India. 6

Q. 25. Explain any six rights given to the minority communities under the Indian Constitution to protect their interests. 6

Social Studies 2004 Question Papers Class X