SOCIAL STUDIES — 2004 (Set III—Delhi)

Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I and Set II .

Q. 3. What is soil erosion? Mention two main causes of it. 1+½+½=2

Q. 4. State any two steps taken by the Government to conserve wild life. 2x1=2

Q. 5. State any two objectives of rainwater harvesting. 2x1=2

Q. 6. How do rocks play an important role in the formation of soil? Explain with examples. 2

Q. 7. How does the participation of people play a vital role in the conservation of forests? 2

Q. 8. Study the map given below, showing national highway development project and answer the questions that follow: 1+1=2

(8.1) Name the expressway national highway that will join stations G and H.

(8.2) Name the cities related to G and H stations.

Note : The following question is for the Blind 6 Candidates only in lieu of Q. No. 8:

Write two characteristics of Golden QuadrilateraL

Q. 20. Explain the various reasons for strengthening of Indian National Movement after the Second World War.6

Q. 25. Explain the legislative measures adopted by the Government to promote the interests of the consumers. 6

Q. 26. Explain the causes and results of corruption on our social life. 6


Explain different legislations enacted in India which take care of the disabled persons. 6

Social Studies 2004 Question Papers Class X