SOCIAL STUDIES — 2004 (Set II—Outside Delhi)

Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I .

Q. 3. What is meant by conservation of resources? Give two aims of conservation of resources. 1+1=2

Q. 4. Give the meaning of rainwater harvesting. State any two points that should be kept in mind for efficient management of water. 1+1=2

Q. 5. Name the four varieties of iron-ore. ½x4=2

Q. 6. Explain any two methods of controlling soil erosion. 1x2=2

Q. 7. Name any one northern State of India that has more than 60 percent of forest cover. Give two reasons for it. 1+1=2

Q. 8. Compare the diagrams showing land use pattern of India and answer the questions that follow 1+1=2

LAND USE 1950-51 AND 1998-99

(8.1) Name any two categories of land use, under which the area in use has decreased.

(8.2) Give at least one reason for this decrease in these categories.

Note: The following question is for the Blind Candidates only in lieu of Q. No.8.

Which is the most satisfying feature of our present day land use pattern? Give one reason.

Q. 20.* With what aim was the India National Congress founded? What role did Congress play in the early phase of Indian National Movement? 6

Q. 25. Explain the duties of the consumers as codified in the Indian laws. 6

Q. 26. Explain the causes of gender inequality and the measures taken to improve the status of women in the society. 3+3=6


"Legal literacy reminds us about our rights, duties and legal obligations towards society." Explain the statement with examples. 3+3=6

Social Studies 2004 Question Papers Class X