Indian Food : South Indian - Andhra Pradesh

Andhra PradeshAndhra Pradesh is famous for its hot and spicy cuisine along with its rich cultural heritage. The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh includes both the original Andhra cuisine and the Hyderabadi cuisine, having a Mughlai influence. Out of these two cuisines, the former one is more hot and spicy. The traditional delicacies of Andhra are absolutely mouthwatering having a liberal use of spices.

Every meal that is snacks, lunch, dinner, etc, have their own specialty. The eating habits are quite varied as there is a mixture of Hindu and Muslim styles of eating. The Andhra cuisine is mainly vegetarian and only in the coastal areas seafood is preferred. The staple food of Andhra Pradesh is Rice, which is served with sambar. It is also served with other lentil preparations along with vegetables

The highlight of the Andhra Pradesh cuisine is the Hyderabadi food. It is famous for its rich and aromatic nature. It's taste is very distinguishable having a liberal use of exotic spices and ghee. It is also famous for its non-vegetarian preparation and Lamb is the most widely used meat here. Biryani, one of India's most popular foods, is a flavored rice with meat or vegetables. It is an important part of Hyderabadi cuisine.

Vegetarian Dishes:

  1. Bagara Baingan
  2. Mirch-ka-salan
  3. Tomato Qoot
  4. Shahi Dahi Vadas

Non-Vegetarian Dishes :

  1. Biryanis
  2. Kababs
    • Boti Jhamm
    • Kalm
    • Shikampur
    • Sheek
    • Lagan-ke-Kababs
    • Dum-ke-kababs
  3. Kormas

Sweet Dishes :

  1. Double-ka-Meetha
  2. Qubani-ka-Meetha
  3. Ande-ka-Piyosi
  4. Badam-ki-Jhab
  5. Dil-e-Firdaus