CBSE Science Class 6

Sorting Materials Into Group

Sorting Materials Into Group - Chapter Wise CBSE Solved Question and Answer Based On NCERT

Points To Remember:

  • There is large variety of material around us. This material can be used to make large variety of objects.
  • It is possible that object can be made up of a single material or of different type of material.
  • Different materials have different properties. Such as hard or soft, smooth or rough, shiny or not shiny etc.
  • Some materials are soluble in water such as salt while some are insoluble in water such as sand, oil.
  • Some materials are there through which things can be seen. These are called transparent. But some materials are there through which things cannot be seen. These are called opaque.
  • Materials through which objects can be seen but not clearly are called translucent.
  • Grouping of materials on the basis of their similarities and differences makes it easy to study their properties.

Chapter 4: Sorting Materials Into Group