CBSE Science Class 6

Air Around Us

Air Around Us - Chapter Wise CBSE Solved Question and Answer Based On NCERT

Points To Remember:

  • Air is needed by all living things, we cannot see air but we can feel it.
  • Air in motion is called wind.
  • Air occupies space, air has weight and it is present in water and soil.
  • Air is the mixture of gases like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapours and other gases.
  • The presence of water vapour in air is important for the water cycle in nature.
  • Our earth is surrounded by a thin layer of air, this layer extends upto many kilometers above the surface of earth and is called atmosphere.
  • Oxygen supports burning and is an important gas that is necessary for living organisms.
  • Major part of air is nitrogen
  • The burning of fuel produces smoke, smoke contains few gases and fine dust particles that is often harmful.
  • Aquatic animals use dissolved air in water for respiration.
  • Plants and animals depends on each other for exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide from air.

Chapter 15: Air Around Us