CBSE Science Class 6

Body Movements

Body Movements - Chapter Wise CBSE Solved Question and Answer Based On NCERT

Points To Remember:

  • Bones and cartilage forms skeleton of human body. Bones are very hard but cartilage is not as hard as the bones. This skeleton gives frame and shape to our body and helps in movement. It also protects internal organs.
  • Bones are able to move due to contraction and relaxation of two set of muscles.
  • There are various types of joints in our body. Such as Ball and socket joint, pivotal joint, hinge joint and fixed joint. We are able to bend or rotate our body only at joints.
  • Ribs join the chest bone and back bone together to form box called rib cage. It protects our heart.
  • Birds can fly because their body is well suited for flying. Their bones are hollow and light. Also the bony parts of forelimbs are modified as wings.
  • Fishes have streamlined body which helps them to swim.
  • Earthworm can move by muscle expansions and contraction. Its body secrete a slimy substance to help in movement.
  • Snail moves by the help of muscular foot.
  • The snake body curves into many loops. Each loop of snake gives it a forward push to move forward very fast but not in straight line.

Chapter 8: Body Movements