CBSE Science Class 6

Separation Of Substances

Separation Of Substances - Chapter Wise CBSE Solved Question and Answer Based On NCERT

Points To Remember

  • Some of the methods to separate substances from their mixture are handpicking, winnowing, sieving, sedimentation, decantation and filtration.
  • Slightly large sized impurities can be separated by handpicking. Husk and stones can be separated by handpicking.
  • The process used to separate grains from stalks is threshing.
  • Winnowing is used to separate heavier and lighter components of a mixture by wind or by blowing air.
  • By sieving and filtration, particles of different size are separated.
  • When the heavier component of a mixture settles after water is added to it, the process is called sedimentation. When water is removed, the process is called decantation.
  • The process of conversion of water into its vapour is called evaporation whereas the process of conversation of water vapour into its liquid form is called condensation.
  • When no more solute (e.g. Salt) can be dissolved in the amount of solvent (e.g. Water) taken, the solution is said to be saturated solution.
  • By heating water more solute can be added to it before it gets saturated.

Chapter 5: Separation Of Substances