CBSE Science Class 6

Light, Shadows And Reflections

Light, Shadows And Reflections - Chapter Wise CBSE Solved Question and Answer Based On NCERT

Points To Remember:

  • If we are able to see clearly through an object, it is said to be transparent. Example-Glass and water.
  • There are some objects through which we can see but not clearly. Such objects are known as translucent objects. Example- tracing paper.
  • If we cannot see through an object at all, it is an opaque object. Example -wood, plastic box etc.
  • When an opaque object is placed in path of light, a dark portion is formed on the opposite side of object. This dark portion is shadow.
  • Light travels through straight line.
  • Pinhole camera can be made with simple material like cardboard, tracing paper etc. It can be used to image the sun and brightly lit objects.
  • Light rays reflected from parts of our body fall on mirror and are reflected back. When these reflected rays reach our eyes (reflected on our retina), we can see the image in the mirror.

Chapter 11: Light, Shadows And Reflections