CBSE Science Class 6

Garbage in, Garbage out

Garbage in, Garbage out - Chapter Wise CBSE Solved Question and Answer Based On NCERT

Points To Remember:

  • We generate so much garbage in our day to day activities.
  • The safai karamcharais take the garbage from the bins of our home and surrounding and dump it in a low lying open area called a landfill.There the part of the garbage that can be reused is seperated from that cannot be reused.
  • Landfill is the area of land where garbages are collected or dumped, the area is later converted into a park.
  • There are some things present in garbage that rots,they form manure which is useful for plant’s growth.
  • There are two types of bin green coloured bins are for recycable materials like food items, papers etc, and blue coloured bin is for non recycable materials like plastics, metals and glass.
  • The process of converting plant and animal wastes including that from kitchen into useful manure, is called composting
  • The method of making compost from kitchen garbage using redworms is called vermiposting.
  • There are some kind of plastics that can be recycled but, not all of them.
  • We need to generate less waste and find ways of dealing with the increasing amount of garbage in our surrounding.

Chapter 16: Garbage in, Garbage out