CBSE History Class 6

What where how and When?

What where how and When? - Chapter Wise CBSE Solved Question and Answer Based On NCERT

Points To Remember:

  • By learning about past we come to know about what people ate, the kinds of clothe they worn, the types of habitat they used to live and what their occupations were.
  • We came to know that the past was different for different groups of people. The life of farmer was different from that of royalty. People followed different practices and customs in different part of the world.
  • People lived on the bank of the rivers for several thousands of years, these people were skilled gatherers, they also hunted animals. Later on people started growing crops and domestication of animals.
  • People from various regions of the world came to the subcontinent to settle here. This has enabled the enriching as our cultural traditions as people have shared their new ideas with local ones
  • The Iranian and the Greek people who come from the Northwest, called the land situated to the east of River Indus as India. Bharata was used for the people of Northwest and there on for India.
  • Manuscripts are a very important source to know about our past. They were usually written on the palm leaf or on the bark of a tree, by hand. Once these sources are found, learning about the past becomes an adventure, and gradually history is reconstructed.

Chapter 1: What where how and When?