CBSE History Class 6

New Empires and Kingdoms

New Empires and Kingdoms - Chapter Wise CBSE Solved Question and Answer Based On NCERT

Points To Remember:

  • Source materials are clues and evidences that tells us about past, sources can be divided into two parts archaeological and literary.
  • Prashastis are long inscription written in praise of kings, from the time of Guptas Prashastis became very important.
  • Ujjain, Pragya and Patliputra were the important centres of Gupta rulers. Samudragupta issued several types of gold coins, in some gold coins he is playing veena.
  • Aryabhatta- the astronomer and Kalidasa the poet adorned the court of Samudragupta.
  • Harshavardhana was the king of Thanesar; he made Kanauj as his capital. He was patron of art and learning. His biography Harshacharita written by his court poet Banabhatta serves as an important source of information about him.
  • Land revenue was an important source of income and some administrative posts were hereditary.
  • There were well organised army comprised of elephantry, cavalry, chariots and foot shoulder. Military leaders provided troops to the king when needed.
  • Pallava inscriptions mentions local assemblies which were controlled by rich and powerful merchants and landowners.
  • Abhijnana Shakuntalam was written by Kalidasa. It was a love story of king Dushyanta and young women Shakuntalam. It depicts life in the King’s court and talks about the language used by the kings and the ordinary men.

Chapter 11: New Empires and Kingdoms