CBSE History Class 6

Traders, Kings and pilgrims

Traders, Kings and pilgrims - Chapter Wise CBSE Solved Question and Answer Based On NCERT

Points To Remember:

  • Since time immemorial trade had been one of the economic activities of the people, the world over .Trade was not limited to the transportation of commodities but it went beyond this. During this period ideas and beliefs of people also changed
  • Command over trade routes led to prosperity of kingdoms which was highly advantageous to their economy
  • Trade initiated with the exchange of goods, introduction of currency encouraged trade. In India trade dates back to Indus Valley civilisation. Harappans had trade links with other civilisations of the world
  • Cholas, cheras and pandyas were three important kingdoms, these kingdoms had two centres of power one inland other on the sea coast Two important town were Kaveripattinam, port of Cholas and Madhurai, the capital of Pandya rulers
  • Technique of making silk was invented first in China; it has soft texture, glossy look and rich colour. Silk fabrics was sent as a gift to the ruler of Iran and West Asia
  • Pilgrims travelled with caravans of traders, it helped them to travel long distance safely. They used to halt in caves or monasteries

Chapter 10: Traders, Kings and pilgrims