CBSE History Class 6

New Questions and Ideas

New Questions and Ideas - Chapter Wise CBSE Solved Question and Answer Based On NCERT

Points To Remember:

  • Stupa were the place where Buddha addressed his followers, he spent many days travelling on foot and spreading messages from one place to another.
  • Buddha taught craving or thirst cause of unhappiness. He called thirst as Tanha. He taught people to be kind to others including animals. Buddha taught in prakrit language
  • The ideas were recorded in the Upanishads. These were part of the later Vedic texts. Upanishad recorded knowledge given by teachers to pupils sitting at their feet, often through questions and answers.
  • Mahavira believed that a person's position in life depends on karma of the previous life. He preached ahimsa. He instructed his followers not to lie, steal or kill. His followers were known as Jains who led simple lives and begged for food.
  • The rules made for the Buddhist sangha are contained in a text called Vinaya Pitaka. From this, we know that the members enjoyed equal status irrespective of their caste and status. There were separate branches for men and women. All men could join the sangha.
  • Jaina and Buddhist monks went from place to place and therefore, the need for more permanent shelters was felt. As a result, monasteries were built. These were known as viharas.

Chapter 7: New Questions and Ideas