CBSE History Class 6

From Gathering to Growing Foods

From Gathering to Growing Foods - Chapter Wise CBSE Solved Question and Answer Based On NCERT

Points To Remember:

  • Our ape like ancestors had to face many challenges from the climate, wild animals and from other human groups; they gradually transferred from nomads to hunters to herders to cultivators and to present Modern Man.
  • Prehistory is the period of history before the invention of writing.
  • Palaeolithic age is also called Old Stone Age, in this age people used to live like nomads. They lived in small hunting and gathering groups.
  • People developed a spoken language, invented clothing and used rocky overhangs and caves as shelter. They also learned to build fires for warmth, cooking and light.
  • In Neolithic period people learned farming and settled themselves in permanent villages. They also learned to domesticate animals.
  • Neolithic agriculture revolution was the change from nomadic to farming life, this led to the development of the civilization. Uses of grains as food lessened the dependence on animals. Grains were used as seeds to grow further crops.

Chapter 3: From Gathering to Growing Foods