CBSE History Class 6

Ashoka the Emperor who gave up War

Ashoka the Emperor who gave up War - Chapter Wise CBSE Solved Question and Answer Based On NCERT

Points To Remember:

  • Ashoka the great was the ruler of Mauryan dynasty which was founded by Chandragupta Maurya.
  • Mauryan empire was divided into five provinces- Uttarapath, Dakshinapath, Avantirashtra, Prachyapatha, Magadha. Its capital city was patliputra.
  • The main source of revenue in Mauryan administration was taxes and tributes, government used to look after the maintenance for better revenues and transport
  • Inscriptions were written in different languages according to the area like Aramaic in North west, prakrit in North and central India and Brahmi in South India.
  • Ashoka contributed to the art and architecture to a great extent. He built stupas at Sanchi, Bharhut, Sarnath, Deor, Kothar, Butkara etc. He also contributed to the Mahabodhi temple, Nalanda university etc.
  • Ashoka was horrified with the violence and bloodshed held in Kalinga war thus he finally decided to give up wars
  • Ashoka's Dhamma is an accumulation of good teachings of different religion
  • Ashoka did a lot of work for public welfare like dug wells, made rest houses etc. He made provisions for medical facilities and strictly prohibited animal sacrifice

Chapter 8: Ashoka the Emperor who gave up War