CBSE History Class 6

Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic

Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic - Chapter Wise CBSE Solved Question and Answer Based On NCERT

Points To Remember:

  • Brahmanical literature gives kinship a central place in political life, and seldom hints that anything else is possible
  • In early times kings were chosen differently by people in an election process
  • In the rig Vedic age people choose Raja, around 3000 years ago some changes took place in the election of the Rajas. Some men performed big sacrifices where recognised as Rajas. One such ritual was that of ashvamedha or horse sacrifice
  • People lived in huts, domesticated animals, grew crops like rice, barley, wheat, pulses etc.
  • They made earthen pots and originate painted grey ware
  • Later Vedic literature, Samaveda, atharveda and yajurveda were other books written by priests. These books consisted of rules of the society
  • Society was divided into four varnas namely- Brahmins, kshatriyas, vaishyas and Shudras
  • Brahmans were men of learning expected to study and teach Vedas, they used to perform sacrifices and received gifts
  • Kshatriyas was a warrior class, they were expected to fight battles and had to protect people
  • Vaishyas constituted the common people who were assigned tasks related with agriculture and cattle breeding. Some of them worked as artisans also. Shudras served the other three groups , they could not perform any rituals
  • Rulers needed resource for building forts and armies. Forts were used for protection from other kingdoms and to safeguard citizens

Chapter 6: Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic